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Principles of managing and establishing the public relations departments and sections

International Public Relations - Ceremonies and Protocol

Public Relations and Super excellent service according to total quality standards
Integrated system for customer relationship management CRM

Advanced skills for managing public relations and governmental relations

Advanced skills for Government Relations Specialist

Developing the skills of public relations and administrative communication

Planning and effective leadership for public relations

Behavioral and professional skills of public relations and media staff

Innovation in reorganization and restructuring the modern public relations management

The art and management of public relations in both Hotels and Tourism sectors

Advanced Executive Management of Public Relations and Media

Planning and managing public relations & Monitoring, evaluating and coordinating with the overall strategy

The role of public relations in increasing the effectiveness of conferences and exhibitions

Recent global trends in public relations

E- public relations

Golden Rules of Public Relations Management

Automation of public relations and media and keeping pace with modern trends

The Role of Public Relations in Crisis Management and Emergencies

Field skills for PR staff

Art of managing exhibitions, official visits and public relations

Using the information technology to support public relations activities

Modern role of leadership in public relations

Strategic skills for public relations

Prepare public relations officers

Effective speech and Presentation skills for Public Relations staff

Methods of planning and activating international public relations campaigns

Managing Public Relations under Electronic Operation

Field skills for public relations staff

Contemporary public relations management to face the challenges and the crises

Communication skills for public relations staff

Procedures and methods of public relations management for improving the institutional mental image

Public relations and their role in administrative development

Management of Committees Customer Work

Public relations management, globalization variables and information technology

Modern methods of public relations development

Sponsorship of festivals, conferences and exhibitions

Public Relations Engineering and its strategic organization according to the total quality standards

PR strategies and financial rules of the Protocol

Public relations, Etiquette, Protocol and dealing with VIPs
Art of managing exhibitions, official visits and public relations

Corporate Communications

Corporate Social Responsibility

Communication skills for public relations

Public relations management system

Best practices and skills for public relations departments and how to develop the institutional programs

Quality and knowledge for public relations and international ceremonies

Develop the skills of observers and how to deal with offenders

Characterizations of public relations officers and importance of acquiring new skills

Public relations & Persuasive and Influencing communication skills in public opinion

Excellence of Service Quality & Skills of dealing with customers and auditors

Arts of Protocol and ceremonies

Secretary and public relations for modern organizations

Managing work relationships and customer service department

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ksa Mob:00966583360337
Egy Mob: 00201140005444
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