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Advanced financial and accounting standards and systems

Integrated skills in management and evaluation of the fixed assets

Preparing of the cash flow lists and interpret their results

Steps to build a financial system and its development bases

Management of credit risk in banks according to the international standards

Financial accounting, collection of bad debts and advanced legal procedures

Modern accounting systems, financial control and performance evaluation
International standards of financial reporting , preparation and evaluation of financial data, the financial risks management and preparation of budgets

Following-up, Time saving, Stress reducing and organizational stress reduction

Modern techniques for planning, accounting and controlling the purchases and warehouses

Electronic Financial Analysis by Computer

Management of troubled debts and the cash flows Accounting

Organizing, reporting and management of the financial systems for financial controllers

Accounting for Non-Accountants
Microsoft Excel
Design and analysis of financial data using Microsoft Excel

Building of skills of newly appointed accountants

The Tax on corporate profits

Supporting and development of professional performance of expenses and adjustments accountants

Developing the technical and financial performance of monetary and treasuries officials

Accounting in Real Estate Investment Sector

Technical skills of corporates governance and Combating the financial and administrative corruption

Modern techniques for planning, accounting and control of warehouses and purchases

Advanced financial management -The Financial risks analysis and evaluation and the financial strategies building

Preparing of the financial lists using spreadsheets

Skills of Financial analysis and Preparing of Budgets

Accounting Standards for Financial Derivatives and Hedging Activities

Accounting and Financial Analysis for Non-Accountants

Advanced financial management and management of risk

Income tax and general tax on sales law

Inventory adjustments, accounting mistakes and How to fix them

Monetary tool and the cash flows

Accounting information and its role in diagnosing and solving of problems

Analytical accounting and Managerial decision making

Management of cash flows and preparing estimate budgets

Al-Murabaha applications and and participation in documentary credits system

Preparing of copybook accounts usig computer
Accounting systems on financial aspects of personnel and human resources- Planning, measurement and control of wages and salaries
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Fundamentals and Principles of Accounting (Qualifying of Accounts Officer)

Advanced accounting in inventory adjustments and preparing of financial lists

Modern Trends to improve the performance efficiency of accountant and Controller

Financial analysis and cash flow lists

The advanced Systems for Accounting, Achieving of the financial control and Evaluating of the performance

Preparing and writing of the financial reports

Supporting and development of professional performance of accountants of expenses and adjustments

Financial Management for Non-financial persons

Accounting mistakes related to ATM cards, point of sale and credit cards & How to fix them

Management of accounting resources and issuance of accounting reports

Applications and development of accounting skills using computer

Modern accounting processing for financial and monetary operations

Integrated accounting systems for the petrol industry
Measuring and evaluating of the accounting and financial performance efficiency using the balanced score card BSC

Inventory accounts problems & Warehouse Exchange

Effective management of sales by credit operations and the effective collection

Basics of the transition from the monetary system to the system of merit using computer

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ksa Mob:00966583360337
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