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Security planning strategies

development of the security administrators skills

Modern trends of the security supervision and preparing of the strategic security plans

Modern trends of the security inspection and control

Security Media and how to manage the crises

2018 | Februray

Modern methods of security inspection, investigation and interrogation

Modern mechanisms to the main operating room management during security crises

The Technical Analysis to the Security Information

Strategic Security Planning

International cooperation in the security field

2018 | March

Developing the leadership and supervision skills of security leaders and officials

Sense of security and information collection methods

Security and confidentiality of documents and methods of saving and classification it using computer

The Supervision of security operations

Efficiency and effectiveness of security leadership and management

2018 | April

Modern Concepts of Effective Security Supervision - Procedures and Techniques

Basic skills, planning and security operations of security officers

Organizational skills to manage and lead the emergency and rescue and evacuation operations

Behavioral skills of security officers

Modern systems of guarding and securing facilities and achieving security control

2018 | May

Security crises management at the level of leaders

Security crises management and emergency plan

2018 | June

Security crisis management And skills of security negotiation

Managing and facing of the security crises

2018 | July

Strategies of individuals security in facilities

Insurance of celebrations, conferences and exhibitions, VIP protection and security follow-up

The security of vital facilities

Response of security team to the emergencies

Secure and Protect vital and important facilities

2018 | August

Developing of the level of the security work performance

Digital investigations and criminals

Evaluation and development of the security system and observation and classification of dangerous

Field skills development of the security officers

Developing the skills of Workers to managing facilities and security

2018 | September

Developing the skills of security officers and security guards

Skills of writing security reports and minutes of investigation

Collection and preparation of security information

leadership skills and security administration

Art and knowledge management to improve and develop security performance

2018 | October

The language of the place in the term of security

Security Supervisory Skills

supervisory skills and effective communication at the security field

Security inspection skills

Advanced Technical Security Management

2018 | November

Preparing of security reports and security inspection skills

Security officers Skills and managing of security crises

Skills of writing security reports and minutes of investigation

Formal methods to process design and analysis and decision-making tools

Modern strategies of development of skills of perception and security sense and mental thinking

2018 | December

Management of operations and control and monitoring room

Examination and investigation of criminal evidences

Modern trends of security inspections and conducting security surveys of sensitive facilities

Preparation of security plans to prevent crime

Management of criminal security negotiations

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