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solidarity insurance and making insurance contracts

Management and collecting insurance premiums

Finance in insurance companies

Management and collecting insurance premiums

Fraud in insurance companies using computer

Islamic standards for islamic insurance companies

Training diploma in insurance

Management and accounting of health insurance

Risk Management for Social Insurance

Modern methods in insurance compensation management
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(Fire - Engineering - General Accidents - Allied risks) General insurances

Marketing of health insurance services
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(Issuance - Compensation)Engineering insurance coverages

Marine insurance for goods

Insurance and reinsurance

Analysis and conclusion of health and medical insurance contracts

Analysis and conclusion of insurance contracts
Civil liability insurance / Advanced
ISO 9001
Quality systems in insurance companies ISO 9001

Social Insurances - practical applications in both public and private sectors

Vehicle insurance

Marine Insurance

Reinsurance and Technical accounts

Modern methods of insurance compensation management

Bank Insurance
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(Individual - group)Life insurance contracts

Reinsurance accounts

Professional Diploma in qualifying new employees of insurance companies

International experiences in Banking Insurance Management

Insurance coverages for telecommunications companies
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(compulsory and universal)Automobile insurance risks

health insurance

Insurance of Oil institutions

Fire and general accidents Insurance

Management and arrangement of insurance claims

Integrated skills for reinsurance

Contractor equipments and Machines Insurance

solidarity insurance

Engineering Insurances

Risk concept in insurance companies

Supervision and control systems in insurance sector

Customer Relationship Management for insurance sector

Terms of Arbitration and arrangement of insurance arguments

Medical insurance and Medical liability

Automobile insurance
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(Insurance Services Marketing)Basics of marketing and insurance selling

Adequate explanation for solidarity insurance operations

Insurance management for its various kinds

Cost management for insurance companies

Insurance documents of Professional responsibilities

Actuarial principles for Non-Actuaries in General insurance

Fraud in Insurance companies using computer

Modern methods of Automobile examination

Credit risk insurance

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ksa Mob:00966583360337
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