Legal skills to investigate industrial accidents and administrative investigations

Strategy and planning contracts and claims management

Modern methods in the management of Legal Affairs

Assets of legal interpretation and writing legal memos

Preparation and management of tenders and contracts in construction projects

Technical and legal aspects of tenders and bids

Technical preparation of legal advisers

Arts and skills of litigation proceedings
and defense in court

Preparation and management of contracts
and bidding strategies

The conclusion of contracts and agreements skills

Assess the risk of fraud in contracts and detect fraud from the legal aspect

The art of legal drafting and development of the legal and practical aspects of Legal Consultants

Legal systems of social insurance and contract management

Preparation of presentations ,the skills of negotiation conclusion , drafting contracts and tenders

Evidences and criminal investigation (Diploma)

Drafting contracts and administrative requirements

Arts and skills of writing legal memos and correspondence

Integrated program for the number of international commercial arbitrators

Skills of drafting management contracts

The settlement of disputes by arbitration

writing legal interpretations, the drafting of legislation and regulations and contracts

Technical and legal skills to draft memos and lawsuits

Legal aspects of electronic transactions

Integrated program in maintenance contracts and operating management

Arbitration in the dispute in administrative contracts

Strategies and techniques of preparation and management of contracts
and the reduction of financial and legal risks

Modern methods of management contracts , contractual claims and variability orders

Insurance investigations
and detect irregularities and fraud

Legal and technical considerations that the formulation and execution of contracts and contract preparation skill Control
The Franchise right

Technical assets to the preparation and drafting and reviewing draft laws

International contracts for contracting
and the conflict of laws

Settlement construction projects and dispute resolution

Administrative investigation into labor breaches

Legal Aspects of Human Resource Management

Commercial legal translation andcontracts translation

Detecting commercial fraud and counterfeiting of trade marks and control

Achieving excellence and professionalism in the legal advice
The application of new standards to combat money laundering and terrorist financing and tax law compliance (FATCA)

Risk identification and assessment of claims and procedures for arbitration
and dispute avoidance and settlement

Settlement of disputes by arbitration-Advanced course

Control over the implementation of regulations and legal regulations

Skills of legal briefs preparation
and submission to the courts -Advanced Curse-

Writing and Legal Translation, legislative drafting and techniques of contracts design
Contract Administration: Understanding and Implementing Contractual Obligations

Development managers and officials
of the Legal Affairs skills

Customs affairs, insurance and shipping

Drafting of employment contracts

Modern methods in the drafting

of the constitutional legislation

Assets of legal interpretation and writing legal memos


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