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International Logistics Management

Development of skills and commercial storage administrators

Integrated program in international procurement

Recent trends in the management of procurement electronically

Strategic Planning for stocks

Logistics services in institutions and corporate governance

Modern techniques for planning, accounting and control of the stores and procurement

Supply Chain Risk Management

Successful management of a fleet of road transport

Planning, implementation
and evaluation of procurement work

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Advanced Administration of stores and storage technology

Tenders and bids

Advanced Course in Purchasing Management

Developing Purchasing Policies, Processes and SLAs

Training Program to establish, organize and manage storage in the facility

Import and export diploma

Organization, management and control of warehouses

Advanced trends of procurement and tenders systems and contracts management

Evaluation and analysis of tenders and the preparation of technical reports

Warehouse Operations and Management

Drafting technical specifications for the procurement and preparation of bids requirements

Advanced Systems in warehouse management, analysis and inventory control

The advanced skills for Procurement specialist

The Integrated skills in warehouse management
and inventory control

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Modern management of contracts and purchases

Negotiating contractual in procurement

Total Quality Management in procurement and stores field

Modern technologies in Inventory stock

Eliminating stagnant inventory and basic skills in Inventory stock

Organize procurement and analysis of bids and evaluate bids and suppliers

Managing storage of goods in ports

Logistics and materials management Diploma

Advanced techniques in the management of procurement and how to negotiate and evaluate the performance of suppliers

Procurement methods and procedures for tendering

The preparation and awarding of tenders skills

The laws and regulations of internal procurement and external

Modern strategies in characterization, classification
and coding materials

Professional performance support for employees in the procurement and supply stores activities

Suppliers evaluating methods

Developing Purchasing Policies, Processes and SLAs

Methods &Techniques to improve the efficiency , performance and safety in Warehouse
Innovation and creativity in warehouse management, materials and stagnant inventory

Planning and procurement management in light of global competition

Leading and Managing Vendor Relations

Purchasing Management and Cost Saving Techniques

Integrated Program In Warehouse and Logistics Management

Administrators Skills Development of Logistics Transport and Supply Chains

Advanced Purchasing and Cost Saving Techniques

Strategic planning and implementation of Supply operations through logistics network

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